Reinforced climbing path / Via Ferrata

Climbing a reinforced climbing path (via ferrata or klettersteig) on Madarasi Hargita, on the 60-meter-high Kecskevész rock. The length of the entire program (getting there, climbing, descending) is about 4 hours.

Reinforced climbing path / Via Ferrata

The newly established Kecskevész reinforced climbing path on Hargitá Madarasi is the first facility of its kind in the region, and its creation is the result of a joint effort. Its use is free and open to everyone, but the use of equipment is mandatory . Those interested can rent via ferrata equipment at the Súgó Pension , but at the same time - for the sake of the climbers' own safety - they must also check in and out of the climb here. Everyone can use the Kecskevész iron climbing path at their own risk. Climbing is not recommended for children younger than 14 years and shorter than 150 cm!

The approx. On the 60-meter-high Kecskevész rock, two reinforced routes have been created, at a distance of about 200 meters, ropes and iron "stairs" help you get up to the roof. Vietnamese bridge , i.e. it is connected by two stretched cables. Climbing the reinforced path does not require any special knowledge or expertise , but the organizers recommend that you first try it with the help of an experienced rock climber . At the same time, safety equipment (helmet, harness, special via ferrata bridle and carabiners) are essential accessories for safe climbing.

The Kecskevész climbing trail is of strong medium difficulty , i.e. it offers a great experience for complete beginners and advanced riders alike. A minimum of "pre-training" is required for climbing, i.e., that enterprising hikers know how to use the carabiners and the seat belt, which is why it is definitely worth learning these from an experienced rock climber. In order to avoid accidents, the rules must be followed in any case, but the route is completely safe : only tested devices were used when it was created, the wall was checked throughout, suspensions were placed only on the completely stable parts, the route is secured several times over. The reels can handle several tons.

Basic rules and user guide for the Kecskevész reinforced climbing path:

  1. Never climb alone!
    If there are any problems, there should be someone to help or call for help.
    Everyone can use the climbing path at their own risk!
  2. Only climb in the company of an experienced person with sufficient expertise!
  3. To walk the reinforced climbing path: the use of a climbing helmet, harness (climbing body harness) and energy-absorbing Y bridle (via-ferrata set) is mandatory!
    Equipment can be rented in the Súgo Pension.
  4. During climbing, both carabiners must be connected to the exposed wire reel - from opposite directions!
    Hang the carabiners one by one through the attachment points!
  5. Only one person may be present at a recording section at a time!
  6. Pay attention to possible moving/falling stones!
    Don't throw stones!
  7. In the event of a falling stone, do not look up, do not lean forward, do not put your hands on the helmet!
  8. International emergency number: 112 National Mountain Rescue Service: 0-SALVAMONT (0-725/826668)
    our exact location: Madarasi Hargita, Kecskevész Szikla ( GPS coordinates: N46.45660 E25.56427 , from Ivó at about the 7th km from the bottom, from the top at about the 3rd km, at Fedeles kút)
  9. Never drink alcohol before or during climbing!

Full via ferrata set (helmet, seat, bridle) rental price: 50 RON/4 hours/set

Technical data of the Kecskevész reinforced climbing path:

The highest height of the rock: 65 m
Total height (Via Ferrata level difference): 80 m
Length of walkable reinforced climbing paths: approx. 200m
Rope bridge length: 15 m
Spinal Difficulty: AB
Left branch: 55 + 15 m | Difficulty: BC
Right branch: 65 + 50 m | Difficulty: CD

GPS coordinates of the Kecskevész reinforced climbing path:

– Start next to a covered well: N46.45455 E25.56442 (in other format: N46 27 16.4 E25 33 51.9)

– Boarding (bottom): N46.45660 E25.56427 (N46 27 23.7 E25 33 51.4)

– End (top): N46.45696 E25.56462 (N46 27 25.1 E25 33 52.6)

– For upper approach, peak above via ferrata: N46.45795 E25.56505 (N46 27 28.6 E25 33 54.2)

A few words about the via ferrata:

A via ferrata is a mountain path on which pre-installed ladders, stairs, bridges and metal cables help you progress (undeveloped parts are accessible only to trained rock climbers).

Via ferrata hiking also requires some practice, physical endurance and the right equipment. Since these roads often lead to high altitudes, overcoming the terrain is an essential part of these types of tours. As with all similar extreme sports, high-quality equipment plays an important role when climbing via ferrata routes.

In the event of a fall, it is critical that the equipment fully fulfills its role and thus protects the climber from serious injury or even death. Although the sport was hardly known in Székelyföld until now, in Austria, for example, it is so popular that about two million people in the country of eight million play it. Although certain pieces of equipment are found in traditional rock climbing, there are also items that are essential for via ferrata climbs.

The following equipment is essential for climbing a reinforced climbing path:

- Mountaineering helmet

– Seated (climbing body harness)

– Energy-absorbing Y bridle (via-ferrata set)

– The use of gloves and hard-soled shoes is recommended

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