Relax massage

During massage session our soul and body can find inner piece, it provides effective solution for problems caused by weariness and stress. The massage is pleasant, relaxing and it is done with the intensity desired by our clients. We provide different body part focused massage therapy such as back, shoulder, arm, neck or leg. Using tufa during massage can enhance the cure of different health issues (flue, muscular pain and cramps).

Relax massage (30/50 min)                        60/100 Ron

Massage with tufa (30/50 min)                   80/140 Ron


During therapy by stimullating the different areas of sole we can have effect on different organs of the human organism.Beside the relaxing nature of the massage it can help preventing different bodily problems and the usage of different kind of creams during session will regenerate the suferficial area of the feet and it will provide a sense of confort.

Reflexotherapy (40 min)                             80 Ron

Anti-cellulite massage

Using different techniques of massage therapy whe help the better function of lymphatic system, and by that we reduce the quantity of bodyfat and acidy fats and try to eliminate through the lymphatic system, through circulation and excretive system. It’s an effective way of reducing cellulite, regenerating the skin surface and reducing weight. The forte of this massage is taking care of different levels of skin.

Anti-cellulite massage (30/50 min)             80/120 Ron

Regenerating sport-massage

In our daily hurry we rarely can afford to stay fit and take proper care of our muscular system. Using this kind of massage we can put again in motion the stuck muscles, and some spasmodic muscles can regain their flexibilty.Our body gets revinvigorated, it gets more energic. It is the perfect way to get ready for serious physical efforts.

Regenerating sport-massage (30/50 min)  80/140 Ron

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