• The rooms can be occupied from 2:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. You can choose "Late check-out" until 6:00 p.m. (the costs are 40 percent of the daily price of the room per stay).
  • Please protect the equipment and the furnishings of the rooms and use them as intended! It is forbidden to take the furnishings and equipment of the rooms out of the boarding house area!
  • Upon departure, in the event of possible damage, the guest must reimburse the resulting costs on the spot.
  • In every household, including boarding houses, it is possible that something goes wrong or gets ruined, apart from the fault of the guest. In order to avoid major damage, please report this to us!
  • Guests take over the rooms clean and tidy. We do not perform cleaning during their stay, only upon special request and for a fee.
  • Only registered Guests can stay in the guesthouse, please notify the arrival of visitors in advance.
  • Pets cannot be brought into the accommodation area.
  • WiFi is available free of charge in the hotel area.
  • There are 6 cameras in the boarding house - which record and store images - for the personal and property security of the Guests. Camera surveillance is indicated by the pictogram and warning text. The purpose of camera surveillance is the protection of property, i.e. the protection of assets representing significant values and the personal values of the Guests, given that the detection of violations, the prosecution of the perpetrator, and the prevention of these illegal acts are not possible in any other way, and their proof cannot be achieved by any other method. The legal basis for this data management is your voluntary consent. If you enter the monitored area of Súgó Panzió despite the posted warning, your consent to the taking of pictures is deemed to have been given. Please do not enter if you do not wish to consent to this. The camera system works on a closed chain network, 24/7, i.e. continuous operation, the storage duration of the recorded footage is 48 hours. You can request more information about the data management related to the camera system when booking the accommodation.
  • Smoking and the use of open flames inside the building are strictly FORBIDDEN! In order to maintain cleanliness, we respectfully ask our Guests who smoke not to scatter cigarettes in the parking lot and the entire area of the pension, but to collect them and place them in the trash cans.
  • The total booking fee refers to the number of days booked in advance. In the event that your stay here is interrupted early, we will not be able to refund money.
  • Before booking accommodation, the Guest has read, understood and accepted the policy.

Have a nice break!

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